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“The route to achieving equity will not be accomplished through treating everyone equally. It will be achieved by treating everyone justly according to their circumstances.” — Paula Dressel, Race Matters Institute

About compensation

Below are some of the values driving our thinking behind compensation...

1. We're all owners

We are focused on creating and sustaining an environment where everyone is an owner, through stock option plans, and the level of ownership that they're given and they are required to hold.

As it happens, very often the people that resemble our definition of an owner, deeply care about the mission at hand and are ready to put their skin in the game in exchange for seeing a future manifest that they very much wish to see.

These are the types of people our compensation plans are built for.

Learn more about our values: Values

2. Equality vs Equity

Still, there is variability in the needs of even the most mission-driven people. At Veri, we let employees configure their own compensation with a variety of choices with different amounts of salary, options, and other benefits.

Learn more about the topic [here](https://onlinepublichealth.gwu.edu/resources/equity-vs-equality/#:~:text=Equality%3A What's the Difference%3F,-November 5%2C 2020&text=Equality means each individual or,to reach an equal outcome.).

3. Transparency

As our Raison d'être says: ...we are an information company favoring radical transparency. We're open and honest about everything. Including our compensation. That's because we genuinely believe the best work is done in such environments.

Learn more:

Open Compensation Model